Ardent Maples

Blessed in the holy sap


Who are the Ardent Maples?

Ardent Maples are a large multi-gaming community, made of gamers of all kinds. Once upon a time we were two separate gaming communities known as the Ardent Keepers and the Maples who frequently met in the fields of battle in Life is Feudal: Your Own as friend and foe. After spending time together both groups realized their connection was undeniable, it was finally time to merge together under a singular banner.

Presently the Ardent Maples are run by a council of leaders that put the interest of the community first driving the direction of the group while striving not to micro-manage or dictate what can or can't be done unless it has an impact on the group. The main focus of the group is that everyone feels welcome and is having fun in the community and any games we play.

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